Shinjuku's most happening

Four minutes walk from Shinjuku Station West Exit

The main feature of the course can be chosen from three categories, “Cheese Taccarbie”, “Cheese Fondue”, “Roast Beef”, and all you can eat. All-you-can-drink for 3 hours and all 10 items of cuisine are included, which is quite profitable at 2,980 yen.

Walk in to experience

A relaxed atmosphere and amazing food await you at Regato Bistro.
We also have private rooms with table seats.

All you can eat at Shinjuku Meat and cheese All you can eat & 3 hours All you can drink BISTRO REGATO Shinjuku West Exit

■ 12: 00 ~ 5: 00 ◆ Drinking · Karaoke use ◆
■ Good access from Shinjuku station West exit 4 minutes
■ Private rooms available for 8 to 14 people, and table for 20 ~ 30 people ♪ ♪ Private room also for 50 to 90 people

Access from Shinjuku Station ◎
■ Free WIFI also available

The restaurant is open all seasons (even during GW, Bon Festival, New Year’s holiday, all days without a break)!

Various preparatory party courses are available according to your budget ♪ ALL 3-hour drinks all you can drink and food all you can eat ☆

Many private rooms prepared for relaxation without feeling stress ♪ Girls’ party, birthday party, and various other parties of all kind◎ ♪

Private private rooms from 6 to 30 people are available! The most popular one is the cushion private room ◎